1.   The process begins by prepping the boat. We create a frame or support structure acting as a skeleton that the film can be shrink wrapped to. This is done by using support poles and in some cases using the existing structure such as a tower on a wake-board boat. Strapping lines are run from bow to stern and port to starboard completing the frame. A belly line is run with a number of support lines that creates a cage to complete the frame for the shrink wrap film.  

    2.  The shrink wrap is sized and custom fitted to your boat. The shrink wrap film is pulled over and draped over the frame of the boat that we have created and secured to the belly line. This is done by folding the ends around the belly line and welding with heat, creating a snug fit around the boat. The belly line is tied down so that when heated the film won't lift out of place. The film is completely heated and forms tightly around the skeleton or frame that was created. Ventilation is the final step along with taping up all the seams and any holes etc.  Ventilation is one of most important parts of the process. Each boat needs to be properly ventilated to allow air to flow avoiding condensation. We take extra caution taping seams especially if you plan to transport with the wrap on.  

    3.  We try to cover as much of the boat as possible. If we can, we try to cover down to the water line. We use extra padding to protect areas from strap scratching.  

    4.  Keep the boat covered until we can shrink wrap. We will take off wake-board racks or other items if need be and store in the boat. We suggest you have us store  your "regular season" expensive cover inside the boat protected by the wrap to keep it clean and prolong its life.
  2. Access doors can be added with a zipper if access is going to be needed during storage period.